YOUR DIRECT CONTACT TO KEY PRODUCERS OF RECYCLING MACHINERY specializes in the marketing, sales and service for products of some of the most renowned producers of recycling machinery worldwide. We are your direct contact to these key producers of recycling machines. Our website has been built, as our business is set up. No-nonsense, full info and straight to the point. If you need more information still, or maybe want to know the pricing of our products, please contact us via this website!

We work with agents and resellers in many countries.  Please see our agents page for an overview of our agents. We offer machines from the following producers of recycling machinery:
We offer solutions to many recycling processes, Cable Recycling, Baling, Cutting, Depolluting, Shredding and many special solutions like a Car Dismantler, Separation Methods and Electro Motor Recycling, which we show at our solutions page. If you want to look at all machines, please check out the different producers of recycling machinery under the machines menu. If you are looking for a used machine, please contact us for the latest updated offer of our used machinery!



Huge range of recycling machines

We have a huge range of recycling machines on offer! From cable stripper to complete recycling lines.


No-nonsense, straight to the point advice!

We are a no-nonsense company with straight to the point advice! Because satisfied customers buy more machines.


Extensive sales network with specialists

We have an extensive sales network with specialists advising you. Ofcourse this comes with all the technical service and backup you need.


Supporting the Green Deal

Together with you, we will give our best to fight the climate change, as recycling is the key in supporting the Green Deal!