offer a broad range of material separation machinery.

We understand separation is the key to success and profit in many recycling processes. offer complete Magnetic Systems, Eddy Current Separators, Color Sorters, X-ray Sorters, Glass Separators and many more ways to separate your material. Separation of copper from plastic, aluminium from copper, circuit board from plastic and metals, cast aluminium from plastic, wood and steel and many many more materials for which we can offer a solution to you!


Magnetic Separators

One of the dearest and oldest allies in the recycling industry. Take the iron out of your material in a way most efficient to you.’s range consist of overbelt-, drum- and sorting magnets. With or without conveyors, attached to your machine line, in combination with other separation systems, contact us to discuss the most efficient method for you.

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Eddy Current Separators

The eddy current separator uses technology that can accurately separate non-ferrous materials from non-metallic materials. The eddy current separator is a sorting technology that uses a conductor to generate induced current in the moving magnetic field. Its sorting principle is to use the magnet rotor combined with a permanent magnet. The rotor will produce a high-frequency magnetic field with alternating changes in the...

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Color sorters

The color sorters are multi-solutions recycling machines for metal, plastic, E -Scrap, refrigeration residue, shredded monitors and TV’s, shredded PC boards, copper and aluminium granules (cables) and minerals. These machines can separate material on color and size; copper and brass, copper and zinc, copper and aluminium, shredded circuit board separation and many many more. Our Sensor based recycling sorting...

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X-ray Sorters

Single layer belt conveyor X-ray inspection machine: The x-ray sorter can separate stone, metal, plastic, glass, bones and rubber in unpacked food. The best way to inspect bulky unpacked material. The benefits of using our X-ray inspection systems...

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Glass Separators

Glass recycling separation solution for container glass, flat glass and special glass cullets. This machine can separate on both color and size, CSP (ceramic, stones and porcelain) separation, metal separation and separation of special glass. It is the specialized color sorter for glass separation! Please contact us for advice or to send your samples that we can test for you!

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