Eddy Current Separators

The eddy current separator uses technology that can accurately separate non-ferrous materials from non-metallic materials. The eddy current separator is a sorting technology that uses a conductor to generate induced current in the moving magnetic field. Its sorting principle is to use the magnet rotor combined with a  permanent magnet. The rotor will produce a high-frequency magnetic field with alternating changes in the high-speed rotation. When a conductor passes through a magnetic field, an induced current occurs in the conductor. The induced current itself will produce an alternating magnetic field, which is opposite to the magnetic field produced by the rotation of the magnet rotor. Non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin) will jump out along the transport direction due to repulsion. The eddy current separator is used for the separation of glass, plastic, rubber and other non-metallic materials from non ferrous metals. Expertsinrecycling.com offers different options for eddy current separators, from small standard to huge and tailormade, whatever is most efficient to your situation.