Roter Recycling is the producer of automatic-, car/ELV-, mixed light scrap balers and shear balers  for handling your iron scrap. 

With 21.000m2 of production space, employing over 60 people, Roter Recycling can offer you their products, from design to installation and after sales service!  Roter Recycling products have been sold worldwide, meeting some of the toughest conditions possible. The RA series automatic balers are efficient, fast and made to last. The RR-, car/ELV and light metal scrap baler series, already remains for years in the best rated category for compact car/light metal scrap balers. The Roter Recycling shear balers have been designed for those scrap yards that need compact machines, but still want a very forceful machine. With all products, Roter Recycling has taken the customer’s experience to the drawing board to produce a user friendly, efficient, but nevertheless heavy duty range of machinery!


Metal Balers RA

The RA series automatic balers that Roter Recycling produces, are perfect for baling metal turnings, can scrap, mixed scrap and many more materials. The continuous automatic cycle of baling and ejecting the bale makes these machines ideal for industry processes, as it is even possible to install a weighing sensor, guaranteeing...

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Car Balers RR

The RR series are probably why you know Roter Recycling. Seen on many car dismantling and scrap yards, this is probably the most efficient way to bale your ELV or scrap metal! Low maintenance, heavy duty built and most important, this machine is always ready to bale your next ELV. comes with a 5 or 6 meter box. Roll on/off...

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Shear Balers

Roter Recycling’s line of shear balers are designed for downsizing your non ferrous and ferrous scrap. The shear baler series consist of 2 shear forces. 550 Tons of cutting force and 715 Tons of cutting force. The box comes in 5 or 6 meters long, fixed or semi mobile version, many configurations are possible, choose whatever is most...

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