Shear Balers

Roter Recycling’s line of shear balers are designed for downsizing your non ferrous and ferrous scrap. The shear baler series consist of 2 shear forces. 550 Tons of cutting force and 715 Tons of cutting force. The box comes in 5 or 6 meters long, fixed or semi mobile version, many configurations are possible, choose whatever is most efficient to you. We offer diesel or electric versions. Machine comes with a remote control and a 7” color touch screen panel, to allow the operator to control the parameters of the machine. A self-diagnostic system guides the operator in finding occurred faults. Roter Recycling’s shear baler series are equipped with an auto shut-off security sequence, which is activated in case of alarms or anomalies that may compromise the safety of the operator or of the machine. All parts are easily reachable for quick and easy maintenance operations.