Presse Bull produce balers, shear balers, engine breakers and e-motor wreckers with over 40 years of gained experience in the recycling industry. 

Presse Bull balers are renowned and patented for their unique way of baling ELV’s and different sorts of metal. The Angar is an innovative machine to process E-motors and extract the copper without any problem. The Brixia will break engines up to 3 tonnes per hour and the Tavros Shear Baler’s unique design and operation will give you control over your material, with lowest possible maintenance costs! Check out the product pages and let us know if you need assistance or would like more information on Presse Bull machines!


Brixia Engine Crusher

Looking for a solution for breaking engines and other cast materials, even aluminium wheels, the Brixia Engine Breaker is the solution for you! Easy in use, very low maintenance, turn the Brixia on in the morning and off in the evening and count your profit! We can deliver separation lines with this machine from simple...

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Angar Copper Extractor

The easy way of extracting the copper from Electro Motors, the Presse Bull Angar 3. This machine processes E-Motors with a diameter from 40-460 in the safest possible way. Please look at the video for the workings of the Angar 3. Designed for small to medium recycling yards, to be able to process E-Motors in an efficient...

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