Vortex designs and manufactures equipment for de-pollution end of life vehicles. The equipment has evolved from the earliest days of the UK ELV Directive, when they were asked by Sims Metals to manufacture a system to remove fuels from scrap cars, today that business has grown to cover a full range of specialist vehicle de-pollution tools and equipment and all associated products for vehicle salvage operators, it now includes garage equipment, tools, tanks and process equipment. They manufacture in Nottingham for the UK and European market and in Denver, Colorado for the North American market.

Potential customers have a variety of issues that they face when deciding what they want from an ELV de-pollution station. It may be limited space, it could be related to the number of vehicles they want to process, or details down to potential spill containment, this is why Vortex has developed equipment for every possibility and it is what really differentiates us from our competitors. They are engineers first and foremost and what their customers like is the bespoke engineering they get with our system, the well thought out designs that means their equipment just keeps on working efficiently day-in day-out in a very tough environment.


Catwalk systems

All of these systems have been developed as a way of lifting the vehicle on to a rack where it has every process done to the vehicle, touching the vehicle only once with the loader or fork lift. Once in place the full vehicle can be processed at the same time, the fluids recovered from under the vehicle at the same time...

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Mobile systems

Ideal for full service yards, the Vortex Mobile Fuel tool is compact, and able to easily move from bay to bay for quick and safe fuel recovery. Designed to work in unison with the Mobile Fuel Tool in a multi-lift full service dismantling facility, the Mobile Oil and Coolant system efficiently extracts and pumps oils and coolant to...

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Combi system

The Vortex Combi System is the workhorse of the fluid recovery fleet. Coming standard with a four pneumatic pump setup, this system will safely and efficiently extract fuel, oil, and coolant. The Vortex engineered high stand is rated to hold over 20 thousand pounds, and tilts the vehicle for maximum...

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