Vortex Mobile Fuel, Oil and Coolant Tools

Vortex Mobile Fuel, Oil and Coolant Tools


Designed to work in unison with the Mobile Fuel Tool in a multi-lift full service dismantling facility, the Mobile Oil and Coolant system efficiently extracts and pumps oils and coolant to your storage tanks.

The Mobile Oil and Coolant Tool

  • Double funnel arrangement allows for recovery from engine and transmission pans simultaneously
  • Under hood tooling allows for extraction of brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant from expansion tank
  • Coolant is extracted using specially designed stainless steel tip that pierces the bottom of radiator hose
  • Two double diaphragm pumps are mounted to jack stand to make unit mobile, and send all fluids directly to holding tanks
  • Reduced risk or spillage keeping work areas clean and safe
  • Works with Vortex racks / lifts, or existing lifts

Vortex Drill Head

Mobile Oil and Coolant Tool


Ideal for full service yards, the Vortex Mobile Fuel tool is compact, and able to easily move from bay to bay for quick and safe fuel recovery. Contact us today to discuss the most efficient option for you!

The Vortex Mobile Fuel Tool

  • Single 1/2" double diaphragm pneumatic pump mounted to jack stand makes unit completely mobile
  • 100% closed look system making it the safest in class
  • Fast action hydraulic jack to raise head unit into place
  • Pneumatic punch style tool uses a non-sparking beryllium material
  • Pumps fuel at rate of 8-10 gallons per minute
  • Easily transfer tool between bays in de-pollution area
  • Clean work area creates a safe work environment for operators
  • Clean fuel can be re-sold or used right away

Vortex Mobile Fuel Drill

Vortex Mobile Fuel Tool

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