Vortex Catwalk Midi System

Vortex Catwalk Midi system

All of these systems have been developed as a way of lifting the vehicle on to a rack where it has every process done to the vehicle, touching the vehicle only once with the loader or fork lift. Once in place the full vehicle can be processed at the same time, the fluids recovered from under the vehicle at the same time as the fluids from under the hood, the cat can be cut off and the trash taken out of the vehicle. With the full catwalk systems the wheels can be removed on the rack as well.

Midi System

Base Level System: This is the base level catwalk system, available in left or right hand stairs to suit your specification.

Vortex Catwalk Systems

Vortex Catwalk Systems

Front and Rear System: This system works exactly the same as the base system but it has an adjustable rear platform to allow the operator access to the trunk, this will fit everything from a Mini to a one ton truck.

Vortex Catwalk Systems

Double Midi System: The Double Midi Catwalk system allows two vehicles to be processed together with one operator up top the other down below.

Vortex Catwalk Systems

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