Alligator Shears

Alligator shears are designed to cut metal and other hard and rigid materials. McIntyre have over 30 years of experience designing the most efficient alligator shears. Basically anywhere in the world McIntyre alligator shears can be found cutting scrap, making it more manageable and upgrading it, earning you a better profit! McIntyre alligator shears come in many sizes and are typically described according to blade length in mm (150, 320, 407 etc). They can be powered by both single and 3 phase power supplies. Some alligator shears have a diesel option. All McIntyre alligator shears have been built to last using quality heavy duty components. Operator safety is top priority with McIntyre, so their range of shears are equipped with blade guards and foot-operated switches. Check out the product pages of the McIntyre alligator shears to find the size and shear force you need.