Extreme Auto processor

Pull the profit out of ELV’s now with the ease and efficiency that the SAS ExtremeTM Auto processor brings to your recycling yard! There is no other like it. Meticulously designed and engineered to resist any challenge when it comes to dismantling cars. Incredibly robust, with surprisingly low maintenance costs. Only minutes to take all precious parts of the ELV. Copper wire harnesses, radiators, heater cores, engines, transmissions, A/C’s, bumpers, catalytic converters, axles and much more. The SAS ExtremeTM Auto Processor is engineered specifically for medium size excavators 16 to 30 ton size with dual bi-directional hydraulics on the stick and OEM existing dozer blade on the undercarriage. 

The attachment for your excavator includes: 

  • “Head” with rotator and Patented jaw design.
  • “Arms” with dual restraint arms that mount in place of existing dozer blade.
  • Optional “Hinge” brackets and valve to allow installation on excavators without existing dozer blade.

There are many stories of very happy customers who work with the SAS Extreme Auto Processor. Contact us if you are interested to hear them, or maybe visit a site nearest to you to see the machine “in action”.