Scorpion Engine Puller

Increase cash recovery from your recycling operations. Pull scrap engines and transmissions in 30 seconds out of an ELV. SAS Forks Scorpion High Speed Motor Puller – Scrap Yard Engine Puller – Auto Recycling Engine Puller has been designed for safer, quicker and less costly removal of engines and transmissions from ELV’s. Speed is paramount in its design. Cycle time is less than 15 seconds from park to full extension. Operator uses grapple from the cab, no torches, no personnel needed to hook up chains to pull or move engines. The Scorpion High Speed Motor Puller is built with the toughest conditions of your yard in mind. Only the highest quality parts are used to produce this machine. Convince yourself with our videos of the possibilities the Scorpion High Speed Engine Puller can bring to your yard. Check our brochure to see which machines are best suited for the Scorpion. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us!