Double shaft shredders

ProShred series

Operating mode of the PROSHRED models: The pre-sorted material to be chopped is fed into the two shafts whose rotors are moving slowly in opposite directions (therefore dust and noise free). The cutting discs are plugged on the shaft. This process is controlled by an intelligent and innovative PLC. In case the machine is overloaded or foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backward (return overload behavior and reverse running). The precisely serrated fixed knives make sure the material is shredded with a minimum of power. The fastened wiper element helps to avoid multiple turn coiling and raising of the material to be chopped. The number of the knives or their width respectively determines the size of the output material.

Processing materials: All types of plastic, Biological and liquid waste, Electronic waste / metal shavings / oil filters, Paper / wood, Production and industrial waste, Plastic and metal containers and many many more. Please contact us to find out what shredder is most efficient for your material.

ProShred-series: Sophisticated and robust, Compact, solid bolted construction, The self-aligning roller bearings are protected against dirt and liquids by means of a bulkhead and additional seals, The shafts can be replaced completely, quickly and easily, Cutting discs: high quality and availability, Several cutting geometries, thicknesses, and material grades are available, The material is shredded effortlessly due to the precise cutting gap of the individually mounted knives.

Drive: proven and powerful: Robust high-quality slip-on gear unit, The gear unit has rubber bearings, Low-maintenance and low-inertia drive by means of two gear units, resulting in constant cutting shafts torque, Less wear, less dust, less noise.

Control system: innovative and sophisticated: User-friendly, quick selection of the various work programs by pressing a button on the display, Increased throughput due to the high-performance, intelligent activation of the separate drives, Overload protection of the cutting shafts, Display of status notifications on the display.