Tyre dismantler

The Wagner WRD tyre dismantlers are the ultimate machines to separate rims (steel or aluminium) from car tyres. These machines are used on sites where a large quantities of tyres need to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Wagner WRD Tyre Dismantlers feature: Powerful hydraulics: Holds a large amount of oil, preventing from overheating. High quality: Solid design tried and tested frequently. Reliable: High availability and longevity. Low maintenance: Simple maintenance tools and low maintenance.

Tyre Dismantler WRD450

Our model WRD450 is the low-cost alternative to the WRD 850 which is applicable to smaller quantities of tyres. However, the WRD 450 has also got an output of up to 60 tyres per hour.

Operating mode: The tyre is put onto the machine by actuating the mechanical lever with both hands (for accident prevention) the three hydraulic cylinders are operated. The cylinders rise synchronously along exchangeable plastic guide rails and compress the tyre and rim together. The rim is deformed, and the tyre can be removed effortlessly.

Tyre Dismantler WRD850 PLUS

WRD850 PLUS is used in shift work which requires a high output. This models capacity amounts up to 120 tyres per hour.

Operating mode: Once the protective shield is opened the tyre is put onto the pressing machine. By actuating the start switch the three individually-controlled hydraulic cylinders extend synchronously and compress the tyre and rim together. After this the cylinders automatically rise. This process deforms the rim, and the tyre can be removed effortlessly from the rim.